About Ascona

Our Mission:

To Help Others Grow Businesses, increase their Competitive Edge and Succeed in the world of ebusiness.

What we do:

Ascona is an Electronic Company. We just have People and no Offices. This is a true ebusiness Company.

Ascona was set up in 1998 by a couple who used to work in the Traditional Corporate World. Both saw that the electronic way was taking over many of the Traditional ways of doing business. They decided to help others into this new way. Since then many more people have joined us.

We all come from a Traditional Business background and understand what it takes to make a profit. We will help you:

  • Increase your Sales
  • Lower your Costs
  • Improve your Customer Service

We offer a "One Stop Shop" for your business in this area, or if you desire we can just assist in only one or two areas.

We appreciate you know how to run your business and our role is to provide the electronic expertise by talking to you in business language, not technical speak.

Contact Ascona NOW to arrange for a free, complimentary analysis of your current website.

Create your own E-mail Newsletters

  • Cost-effective marketing
  • Great looking designs
  • Easy to create mailouts
  • Manage lists and subscribers
  • Powerful real-time reporting

Make sure your website is Responsive (mobile-friendly). Why?

Responsive Website Design
  • Mobile usage is high
  • Positive user experience
  • Better SEO
  • Better speed